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The Players' Raffle Results

Travis Bennett - Phantom Winner

Travis Bennett (left) with his new toy.

A Little Detail

After a Great Day of play, we held the drawing for the 2/10 Phantom. First up, however, were drawings for two 2/10 t-shirts - the logo on the front and the logo and tag line (see the left column of this page) on the back.

After that, we held the much anticipated drawing for the 2/10 Phantom that was donated by Mike Cassady of Component Concepts, Inc. (CCI) - see the photos below. For the drawing, we recruited the very cute and very young (4-5-years old) daughter of one of the players. The slips of paper with the names of each player were placed into a hat and mixed extra thoroughly while everyone watched. Many of the players had multiple entry slips in the hat - playing in any 2/10 event since late October, 2011 counted as one entry in the raffle - so, several of the people present felt that it was pretty likely that one of them would be the winner. With a vocalized drum roll, she reaching into the top layer of slips, pulled one out and handed it to me (Dave Cloyd) to read. I looked at it, smiled - I knew that he was present and that he would most certainly appreciate a new pump gun - and called his name, "Travis Bennett!".

I think that there were honestly happy congratulations as well as honest disappointment (except for Travis) from everyone there. I think they were glad that Travis won it, since he was there and everyone knew him, but, of course, hoped that they would be the one dancing in place.

Photos were taken (a good one was selected and is shown above) and much BSing began and continued for another half-hour or so.

Oh, and yes, it was the daughter of Travis' playing partner, Mike Julien, who pulled the slip from the hat. Thank goodness that she's really cute (and innocent)!

Photos of the 2/10 Phantom

Phantom Front Profile

Phantom Front Profile

Phantom Front Profile


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